Feeding & Swallowing Therapy: One Mother's Experience with Our Team

Integrated Pediatric Interventions: A Mother Shares Her Experience

The speech-language, occupational and developmental therapists and social workers at the Integrated Pediatric Therapies program at JCFS Chicago work with infants, toddlers and children who are experiencing developmental delays.

These early childhood experts are passionate about working with the entire family—child, parents, siblings and family as a whole—not only to ensure the therapies are consistently worked into daily family life, but to address related issues that arise from raising or living with a child with a delay or disability. We love to share how their passion translates into real life stories of success and hope. Here is one mother’s experience, in her own words…

"Jennie Marble and Marlies Gramann have worked with our daughter for the past year through the Early Intervention program. We first met Jennie through a friend who received speech therapy, and, when we realized that we were encountering feeding problems with our newborn daughter, we were eager to work with Jennie ourselves since she came with such rave reviews from our friends. Jennie helped our whole family learn about the intricacies of the swallowing mechanism and taught us, as parents, how to ensure that our daughter was as safe as possible while she was learning to eat by mouth.

Our daughter had an NG feeding tube placed when she was 2 weeks old and then transitioned to a G-tube after her first birthday, to supplement her nutrition since she could not eat an ample amount of food by mouth to grow well. As time went on, our daughter was able to learn how to drink from a bottle, drink out of a straw, eat pureed foods and now, softer finger foods.

During the course of the year, we had to say goodbye to Jennie as she welcomed her own newborn into her family. However, in her absence, we got to know Marlies, who has been a wonderful voice and presence with us as well. Jennie and Marlies have both offered our family sound advice, guidance and support throughout the many ups and downs of raising a child on a feeding tube. They have formed sweet relationships with our daughter and also trusting relationships with us, the parents. They have offered collaborative conversations with others on our medical team and worked diligently to ensure that we are feeling supported, educated and equipped. It has been a huge provision and blessing in our lives to have had their weekly involvement in our journey. Thank you, Jennie and Marlies."

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