Donor Profile: Rachel Ferber

Donor Profile: Rachel Ferber

Originally from the Washington, DC area, Rachel Ferber was inspired to get involved in the Jewish community by her mother, who was a champion of Jewish women’s learning and education. Today, Rachel uses her mother’s example in every aspect of her work as a Jewish community leader, philanthropist, and JCFS Chicago board member.

After practicing law for many years, Rachel began work helping families receive school-based services for children with disabilities. She then became involved with JCFS, helping to ensure inclusion for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in the Jewish community. Rachel learned the importance of fundraising and development and believes that every organization needs three kinds of supporters: “Those with treasure, those with talent, and those with time.” – noting that JCFS board members and donors are giving of all three.

 Rachel is currently part of the Resource Development Committee and the Programs and Planning Committee. She is proud to have a place in such an active and dedicated group of Jewish leaders. Among her many goals, Rachel would like to see JCFS become a sought-after resource for young people who need career counseling. Rachel noted, “JCFS is accessible to everyone in the community and it’s important for people to understand that they don’t need to be in the middle of a crisis to benefit from services.”

Outside of her work with JCFS, Rachel is involved in the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and in the sisterhood at her synagogue, North Suburban Synagogue Beth El. She is a lifelong advocate of educating Jewish women and promoting Jewish values in the home, and she believes it’s vital to do for others what others have done for her.

“JCFS is an organization of vast resources for our Jewish community, and one which we need to promote as broadly and widely as we can.” – Rachel Ferber