Donor Profile: Pamela Ruos

Donor Profile: Pamela Ruos

Pamela Ruos is a docent at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center and a member of the Response Advisory Council (RAC), a group of dedicated volunteers that generously donate their time and resources to support JCFS Chicago’s Response for Teens program.

The Response staff consists of counselors, social workers, and youth development experts who provide counseling and school-based sexual education in a safe and accepting environment. Pamela believes that teens need a safe space where they can feel connected, valued, and that gives them a place to grow. Her values and passion for supporting teens align with the work of Response, making her a natural fit for the RAC.

Pamela recently used her background in library science, museums, and archives to support Response’s 50th Anniversary celebration in October. For the event, Pamela, a few JCFS staff members, and an intern from the University of Chicago created a pop-up exhibit celebrating the rich history of Response. The group pored through old photos, annual reports, program materials, and other archival documents to create an experience that celebrated Response’s message and history through 50 years of service. The exhibit was well-received by all who came to see it, and for Pamela, it was an interesting and unexpected way to get involved.

Pamela’s guiding principles come from her family. They raised her to always be aware of social issues, and that she has a duty to give back whenever possible. Through her charitable endeavors, Pamela hopes to set an example for her own children. She understands that giving back is often a luxury, and with that luxury comes a responsibility to support the community.

“I believe when you're out in the world, be a force for good. Being on the RAC and supporting young people through Response is the best way to do that.”

– Pamela Ruos