Determined to Score a Part Time Job

Determined to Score a Part Time Job

John came to JCFS Chicago looking for a part-time job for after school and weekends. John is funny, lighthearted and sports-obsessed, and he wanted to utilize his passion for athletics.  

The youth employment specialists at the Duman Opportunity Center work with young people ages 16 to 24 to help identify their skills and interests, review past employment history and plan future career goals. They also help match job seekers with employment opportunities in the community. 

Having struggled with anxiety since middle school, John was determined to work past his fears and get a part-time job. With support from his parents and his employment specialist, he secured a part-time position at a children’s sports center.  

Since starting his job in February, John now works three days a week as an assistant teacher for children's sports classes. His employment specialist continues to support him by reaching out to his employer for feedback, providing job coaching and helping to brainstorm solutions to any problems. 

While working with John, his employment specialist watched him overcome many of his anxieties and build his confidence, which is evident based on his job success.