Celebrating the Women of JCFS Chicago

Celebrating the Women of JCFS Chicago

We are celebrating Women’s History Month, and all the strong women at JCFS Chicago who are empowered to create a fair and inclusive world. We appreciate all you do for our agency!

“Being a leader in a social service organization allows me to bring my whole self to work. Working at a social service organization enables me to advocate for causes in which I strongly believe, to feel I am contributing to the work of the agency on behalf of the community, and to help empower others to learn and grow. I am fortunate to be at an organization that recognizes and represents women in leadership, while promoting inclusion and belonging for all. - Sandra Crasko, Assistant Vice President, Quality, Accreditation, and Compliance

“Being a female leader in a social service agency means to me that I can make a positive impact on the lives of others. It also means that I have the responsibility to create an environment that is inclusive, supportive, and empowering for everyone, regardless of their gender or background. I enjoy being a role model and mentor to other women who aspire to leadership roles. It is something that I take seriously as an opportunity to create meaningful change and inspire others to do the same.” - Kathleen Gerhold, Associate Vice President of Programs and Operations

"I believe women are empowered when they are given the space to share a vision. Whether a vision for the week or a vision for a legacy. And then by extension, empowering others to tweak that vision, becoming a part of that legacy. The biggest motivation for me was not necessarily a mentor but being a single mother to a daughter. At 23, I realized someone was looking up to me and it motivated me every step of the way. This foundation gave me the confidence to go outside my comfort zone and lead in other areas." - Marlies Gramann, MA CCC-SLP, Vice President of Disability Services and Chief Program Officer

"Empowering women means elevating important voices and perspectives – if these voices are silenced, we threaten our potential and we limit our opportunities. Empowering women means inviting more diverse insight into conversations and encouraging meaningful contributions.  Empowering women builds and broadens awareness - awareness of abilities, capacity, and possibilities. Through these opportunities, we deepen ideas and enrich everyone’s experiences." - Geneve Hein, PhD, LCPC, Associate Vice President, Emotional Well-Being

To learn how you can become part of our team and make a difference in the lives of others, visit our careers page.