A career transformation

Like many passionate job seekers, Matthew turned to JCFS Chicago’s Duman
Opportunity Center for assistance in finding the right place to work. Matthew received
the appropriate tools to succeed by working with an employment specialist who helped
him identify the career path and supportive environment that would allow him to utilize
his talents and abilities.
As a result of working with JCFS, Matthew found a job with a local retailer as a donation
attendant in November 2022. To increase his productivity at work, Matthew continued
working with his job coaches. His dedication to working hard and enjoying his job
remained unwavering even with some challenges along the way. Matthew's love of
sports and his knowledge of historical facts about a variety of sports teams led him to
become a book scanner, in addition to his regular duties.
But Matthew had a sense that he was capable of even more. Through collaborative
efforts between Matthew's stakeholders and his employment specialist at JCFS, he
quickly found another job opportunity. In consultation with his employment specialist,
Matthew and his manager discussed transitioning from his current role to a
utility/maintenance worker. Not only did Matthew gain an opportunity for more hours in
his schedule, but within a few short weeks of training he was able to provide
outstanding support to the store's day-to-day business operations. Because of his
desire to assist his team in other ways, Matthew was recognized for his exceptional