Defining a path to success

Financial stability, confidence, focus – that is what Ethan achieved after working with his
career counselor at JVS Career Services. A few months ago, Ethan was at a
crossroads, working a retail job and pursuing acting on the side, and uncertain of his
financial situation. Having an acting degree, Ethan wanted to explore the business side
of certain jobs.
Ethan spent time with his counselor building his resume, strengthening his interview
skills, and eventually became more confident in expressing his thoughts. This opened
the door to a new job opportunity that helped give Ethan a solid financial and emotional
foundation. JVS supplied him with clothes, shoes, and a work uniform, which helped
him save money. Soon after, Ethan was able to purchase a studio apartment and
improve his work/life balance. With a changed attitude and more focus, Ethan is
maintaining his networking skills and continuing to make new connections, while
keeping up with his acting performances.
“After working with my counselor, I feel more prepared and confident. He gave me
clarity and feedback on the life choices I was making,” said Ethan. “I am really thankful
for the services JVS offers.”