Relief for families

JCFS offers group Respite, where children with intellectual/ developmental disabilities
(I/DD) can enjoy social and recreational activities with support from our dedicated staff
and volunteers. The day is organized by the activities the children are interested in,
which might include arts and crafts, games, reading books, sensory room activities,
music, and more. When Alex, a happy, energetic teenager with social challenges,
comes to Respite, some of his favorite outdoor activities include the playground, playing
catch, and learning to ride a bike with the help of staff and peers.
Alex’s mom, Jody, says that Respite has been beneficial to their family’s mental health.
While Alex is at JCFS, Jody and her husband Eric get to spend time with Alex’s twin
brother. They go on long bike rides or grocery shopping together. “Our family really
looks forward to the break from routine – especially Alex, it always puts a smile on his
face. If he comes out sweaty, we know he had a good time!”
“We are ever grateful to JCFS and the incredible staff and volunteers that give up their
Sunday afternoons to provide a safe, comfortable environment for Alex. Everyone is so
welcoming and willing to look after him – they are a delightful group of people,” adds