Client Grievance Procedures

If you have a complaint about the Agency’s services, please follow the steps below to have your concern heard.

  • Share your concern with your Agency staff member contact, who will talk with you to try to resolve it to your satisfaction.     If your concern is not addressed to your satisfaction, the staff member informs their supervisor, who will review it within 2 business days of receiving your complaint and talk with you.  If your complaint is not resolved with the supervisor, a Client Grievance Form is will be given to you to complete or you can verbally give the information to the supervisor to complete on your behalf. After completing, the supervisor forwards the form to the next level supervisor. The name and phone number of that supervisor will be given to you. 
  • At all levels we will protect your confidentiality.
  • The Chief Operating Officer will receive all complaints that cannot be resolved by the staff member, supervisor, or next level supervisor.    The Chief Operating Officer will then talk with you to discuss your concern and meet with you, if needed.
  • The decision of the Chief Operating Officer will be final.


Adoption Services Client Complaint Procedure

It is the policy of JCFS Chicago to provide clients with a voice and a means of communicating to administration if they believe their rights have been violated. The Adoption Services Client grievance process will be used to address all adoption-related complaints.

The goal of JCFS Chicago is to provide the highest quality and most appropriate services to all participants who request or are referred for service. As part of this commitment to service, JCFS Chicago recognizes that the participant, legal guardian and/or family have an intrinsic interest in the type and quality of services received. If at any time the participant, legal guardian or family is dissatisfied with the care being provided to them, they are entitled to express this dissatisfaction and be involved in the resolution of this conflict. The intent of the policy is to provide a means for an adoptive family or client to report a complaint or grievance, or for an employee to report an alleged violation of a client’s rights; and to ensure that any grievance or complaint regarding services can be resolved satisfactorily at the earliest possible moment.

JCFS Chicago complaint policy and procedures are provided in writing to prospective adoptive clients at the time of intake, which include biological parents, adoptive parents, and an adoptee that the agency has served. Receipt of a copy of the agency's policy and procedure shall be signed and dated by the client and witnessed, and a copy shall be maintained in the client's file. The agency will maintain and post the complaint procedure and Agency license number, as well as the statewide toll-free adoption agency information and complaint registry telephone number:

JCFS Chicago DCFS License Number: 010618
State Central Registry toll-free number: 800.252.2873

Once a client shares a complaint with an Agency staff member, JCFS Chicago will initiate an investigation of the complaint received within 2 business days.

  • JCFS Chicago maintains written documentation of all complaints received by the agency on the Client Grievance Complaint form, which is filed in the client’s case file. A receipt of a copy of the JCFS Chicago policy and procedure is signed and dated by the client and witnessed, and a copy maintained in the client's file.
  • JCFS Chicago will report the outcome of its complaint investigation, in writing, to the IDCFS regional licensing office or the IDCFS Licensing Representative within 10 business days after a complaint is received.
  • JCFS Chicago prohibits any form of retaliation against a person making a complaint.
  • The JCFS Chicago Chief Operating Officer is designated to accept consumer complaints.
  • The Resolution of all complaints are reported to the JCFS Chicago Board of Directors at the next meeting following the filing of a complaint.