If you have a complaint about the agency’s services, please follow the steps below to have your concern heard.

  • Share your concern with your Agency staff member contact, who will talk with you to try to resolve it to your satisfaction. If your concern is not addressed to your satisfaction, the staff member informs their supervisor, who will review it within 2 business days of receiving your complaint and talk with you. If your complaint is not resolved with the supervisor, a Client Grievance Form is will be given to you to complete or you can verbally give the information to the supervisor to complete on your behalf. After completing, the supervisor forwards the form to the next level supervisor. The name and phone number of that supervisor will be given to you. 
  • At all levels we will protect your confidentiality.
  • The Chief Program Officer will receive all complaints that cannot be resolved by the staff member, supervisor, or next level supervisor.  The Chief Program Officer will then talk with you to discuss your concern and meet with you, if needed.
  • The decision of the Chief Program Officer will be final.
  • JCFS Chicago prohibits any form of retaliation against a person making a complaint.
  • The JCFS Chicago Chief Program Officer is designated to accept consumer complaints that don't initiate with staff.
  • The Resolution of all complaints are reported to the JCFS Chicago Board of Directors at the next meeting following the filing of a complaint.
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