News about the Therapeutic Yeshiva

In addition to a high-quality secular curriculum, our Yeshiva students participate in religious classes and extracurricular activities that are infused with Jewish values that nurture Jewish identity. Bookmark this page to learn about all the exciting news and extracurricular events that are happening at Yeshiva.

A Siyyum at Yeshiva

Recently, a student in the Yeshiva younger class celebrated his completion of learning Mishnah Berachot. He requested to hold his “Siyyum” (completion ceremony) at school. At the Siyyum, he spoke about learing the Mishnah. A pizza lunch, sponsored by his family, followed.

Here are the student’s words delivered at the Siyyum:

“I have just finished learning Mishnayos Brachos. It talks all about the laws of the brachos. It also talks about respect for the Beis HaMikdash. Like, you cannot use it as a shortcut. Our shul is like Beis HaMikdash. You should not use it as a shortcut and you should not play around in it. Thank you for coming and please make a bracha before you eat.”

Rabbi Rosenberg congratulated the student and encouraged every Yeshiva student to consider learning a Massechet (tractate) of Mishnah. It was an inspiring event!

(Late October 2018)

Yeshiva Program
Creating Opportunities for Success
November 10, 2017 – 21 Cheshvan 5778

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Appreciation from parents

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you for such an amazing year. Our son has learned and grown so much since he began attending JCFS. We are very proud of him and the work he has done, and I'm sure you all are too :) We have seen incredible growth academically, socially, behaviorally, and in his overall well-being and joy of life. You all do an amazing job of creating a warm, caring, growth-oriented, and safe environment, where each student can succeed. We are so blessed to have our son be a part of this school. Thanks for all you do!"  -Student’s parents (June 2019)

"When we first moved to Chicago, we were given the very upsetting news that our chosen Jewish day school was not willing to include our son. We soon discovered that, in fact, none of the Jewish schools wanted to give our sweet little boy a Torah education. But then we found you. And you accepted him without any hesitation. Over this year, our son has developed an amazing love of Torah. We have been amazed with his growth in Torah knowledge and devotion. He loves learning Navi! Without your help, he likely would have had to go to public school. We are so, so grateful for the amazing impact that you have had on our son’s life. Thank you!" - A parent of a reintegrating Yeshiva student (June 2018 )

"My husband was reviewing the psukim from the Chumash with [our son] tonight. I was so happy when I heard how nicely he was able to read and translate the psukim!
Keep up the good work! - A Parent (Spring 2018)

"We have been extremely impressed with [our son’s] knowledge in Hebrew and Parasha and Navi. In the short time since starting school he has learned so much. He is able to remember such details from the parsha and his Hebrew letter recognition is so much improved! Thanks, it helps us to know what he is learning.   – A Yeshiva Parent (November 2017)"

“Words cannot express our appreciation for what you have accomplished this year.  Our son has become confident, independent and, most of all, he is happy.  This is all because of you and your amazing program and teachers.  You gave our son a supportive environment and a place for him to shine.  We are forever grateful for everything that you have done” (June 2017)

“Fulfills a desperate need in the Jewish community.”  (Spring 2017)

“The Yeshiva Program at JCFS was a critical part of my son’s improvement in learning, behavior, and overall emotional well being.”  (Spring 2017)

“An alternative Jewish school that provides the necessary services and environment for children who cannot currently attend a regular day school.” (Spring 2017)

“Offers a loving, Jewish environment.” (Spring 2017)

Visit from the Legal Advocacy Center

On Monday, February 22, 2016, Sande Shamash, JD, Director, and Marissa LaVette, JD, Staff Attorney, of the Legal Advocacy Center spoke to early childhood educators at a number of ATT schools at the Therapeutic Yeshiva. The program was planned with Mrs. Rusi Sukenik of REACH Chicago.

Thank you for arranging and presenting about the Legal Advocacy Center on Monday. I learned a lot of new information and I hope to be able to use this information to help families get the support and resources that their children need.”  –Mrs. Rivka Varnai, M.Ed., LBS1, Reading Specialist; Director of Student Services at Hillel Torah North Suburban Day School

Appreciation for Work with Reintegrating Students

“I have to tell you that the transformation in two of our students has been dramatic. I can tell you that JCFS has made an enormous difference in their lives. The boys are functioning extremely well here and I can 100% say that I never would have anticipated how much change they have made in such a short amount of time. One student is doing so well that he was described as a 'Rock Star' at our recent Shabbaton." (January 2016)