Therapeutic Supports

A team approach to student achievement

We prioritize our students' development and growth and strive to provide customized support that builds strong relationships between students, their parents and educators.

All students are assigned a social worker who provides a range of services, including individual therapy, group therapy, parent support, case management, consultation with community providers and crisis intervention. Whether students need to talk about a deeply personal situation, or are experiencing a challenging time during the school day, their social worker is the first of many therapeutic supports available to them.

Social workers and students are matched based on students' needs and social workers' corresponding expertise. The goal is to make an assignment that most closely addresses students' concerns whenever possible.

With the social worker as the student’s primary support, other JCFS Chicago Knapp School & Yeshiva therapeutic supports include:

  • Certified Learning Behavior Specialists
  • School-based speech therapy and occupational therapy, when appropriate
  • Parent consultation with psychiatrist
  • School reintegration counselor
  • Staff that have been trained in Therapeutic Crisis Interventions (TCI) and Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)

There also is support for the student who wants to prepare for a job or college, and needs help learning how to apply for and maintain a job, and how to prepare for the rigors of college. Knapp School & Yeshiva also has a Transition focused classroom and a Life Skills Program for students who need to develop independent living skills.

Therapeutic Supports at Knapp School & Yeshiva is led by Allison Stevens, Clinical Director.