Knapp School & Yeshiva

Our School Has a New Name: Knapp School and Yeshiva

We are very excited to announce that the JCFS Therapeutic Day School and Yeshiva will now be the Knapp School and Yeshiva! The process of choosing the name involved a few steps and some thoughtful conversations.

We asked our school community to brainstorm ideas for potential school names, also asking our Facebook community to weigh in. After suggestions were reviewed, the names best representing our school remained. At a round table discussion involving community stakeholders and school staff, we began to think about the impact of the school in addition to those who have made our work possible.

The Knapp family has long been involved in the JCFS Chicago community and their dedication and partnership have made our work possible. They are extremely committed to our school by ensuring we have the tools to provide a warm and therapeutic setting to our students.

It seemed only natural that our school name would recognize those who've made what we do possible. We appreciate their support and we cannot wait to share our school spirit at the Knapp School with the rest of the community.

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