A student presenting their solar system presentation

Blended Learning Makes Strides

Learning at JCFS TDS happens differently and even varies among each classroom. Why is this so? Each classroom has students with diverse, social/emotional and academic levels. Therefore, the instructional approaches need to be tailored to fit that group. But even in public school classrooms, students fall within varying ranges, requiring teachers to be thoughtful regarding instructional methods. Through use of blended learning that includes a component of technology, students can pace themselves, take ownership of their work, and remain connected to their teacher, which is proven to be one of the most influential components of the learning process. Read about why blended learning is becoming a powerful tool among classrooms everywhere. 

At JCFS TDS, the technology capacities -- including individualized chrome books for our students -- is making this type of learning more common. Recently, Mr. Mike’s Elementary Yeshiva classroom hosted a presentation on the Solar System. Students were responsible for researching their chosen planet and designing a presentation. Not only was it a success for the listeners, but the students, too.   

Students were first exposed to the solar system unit via a scavenger hunt! Mr. Mike shared how amazing it was to see the wealth of knowledge they’d already had on the subject and their enthusiasm of sharing what they knew. After the scavenger hunt, students chose planets out of a hat. Then students highlighted information from an article they read regarding their specific planet and selected pictures from Google to create their slides presentations. Each student willingly presented their presentations on the classroom TV in front of invited guests and their classmates. They all did an amazing job and were extremely proud of what they had accomplished.