Educational & Support Groups

Led by our professional counselors, our support groups give you and other teens a chance to constructively and confidentially discuss issues that are important to you. Together, you’ll share personal experiences, express concerns or questions, and learn ways to address challenges.

Current Educational & Support Groups

LGBTQ+ Young Teen Group 

Response for Teens is offering a support group serving LGBTQ+ youth in grades 6-8. The group will focus on building community and supportive connections, as well as improving self-esteem and developing coping skills to manage the specific challenges LGBTQ+ youth face. The group will run for 1-hour sessions weekly, for 8 weeks beginning in mid-February. Teens, parents, or individuals with referrals for the group should contact Lili Gecker at 773.516.5504 to schedule an intake or for more details. 

Co-facilitated by Osunkemi Mau.

Queer Teens Connect: LGBTQ+ Teen Support Group

JCFS Chicago is putting together a support group, Queer Teens Connect, for teens between 15-17 years-old who identify as LGBTQ+. The purpose of this group is to provide a safe and constructive space to explore the issues confronting teens in the context of healthy peer relationships and to provide access to crucial sources of support in their lives. Learn more about this group or download the flyer. If you have any questions about Queer Teens Connect, or would like to join it, contact Crystal Thomas.  

Give Us Your Feedback!

Our support groups are always changing and developing so that they reflect issues relevant to you. Do you have an idea for a support group you’d like to see us create for your community? Call us at 847.676.0078 or send an email to