We know that making the decision to talk to someone about yourself—and any challenges you may be facing—is not easy. That’s why Response for Teens provides a comfortable, confidential, friendly space staffed with counselors who provide support without judgment. We offer the following counseling services:

  • Individual Counseling: A counselor will meet one-on-one with you to tackle difficult issues you might be facing, including depression, anxiety, bullying, gender identity, relationships, and much more.
  • Family Counseling: A counselor will work with you and your family members to address family-related issues or conflicts, including teen-parent communication, coming out as LGBTQ, divorce, and more.
  • Educational and Support Groups: Throughout the year, our counseling staff leads support groups where you can talk honestly and openly with other teens about important issues like gender identity, stress reduction, self-esteem, and more.

To talk to us about counseling, call us at 847.676.0078 or send us an email: ResponseCounseling@jcfs.org.

Is this an emergency? If so, please call 911 or take yourself to the nearest emergency room.

Know Your Rights

If you’re under the age of 18, please know that there is a law that allows you to attend eight counseling sessions without first having consent from your parent or guardian. After those eight sessions, if you’d like to keep receiving support, we can help you engage your parent or guardian so that you can continue counseling.

Our Counseling Services

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For assistance or more information, call us at 855.275.5237 or email us at Ask@JCFS.org.