HIAS Welcome Campaign

HIAS Immigration & Citizenship is proud to reopen our Refugee Resettlement and Placement Program and participate in the Afghan Placement and Assistance program. We anticipate welcoming more than 100 refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere over the course of the next year.

When refugees first arrive in Chicago, often with nothing more than a single suitcase, they are overwhelmed by a new language, new culture, and new environment. HIAS helps them understand and adjust to all that is around them and provides critical financial and social-emotional support.

Donate to the HIAS Welcome Campaign

The HIAS Welcome Campaign will ensure that families are provided with the resources and assistance necessary for a safe and successful transition to the United States. Dollars raised will be used for direct financial assistance, as well as to support program activities and service coordination. This includes:

  • Rent and utility assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Other basic needs assistance, including clothing and food
  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Culturally-appropriate case management services to support acclimation and integration

Learn about Refugee Co-Sponsorship

ontact Bea Adams at 773.467.3895.