The Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva offers a dynamic academic and enrichment curriculum as part of its commitment to creating opportunities for student success.

Visual Arts Instruction

Students participate in an extensive visual arts program every week in the school’s Art Studio. Instruction is provided by a creative arts teacher who is also a practicing artist. Hands-on projects completed during the school year include clay, pottery, charcoal, collage, jewelry-making and more. Twice during the school year students can opt to select pieces of their artwork to sell at the school’s Student Art Sale.

Animal Assisted Therapy Service

Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva students enjoy weekly animal assisted therapy from two beloved dogs, Sparky and Ashton. Sparky, the Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva’s official therapy dog since 2013 visits students weekly as part of the school’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program. New to Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva this year, Ashton spends a few days a week at Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva and is devoted towards providing love to all students. Sparky's and Ashton’s unlimited smiles and unconditional acceptance works wonders in cultivating self-esteem and self-confidence with students who might be struggling in these areas.  In addition, research shows that animal assisted therapy provides endless benefits such as: emotional regulation, lowering blood pressure, encouraging more focused interaction and lifting moods! Sparky and Ashton are small but very important (and well-loved) members at the school. 

Driver’s Education

Once annually the school hires outside certified Driver’s Education Instructors to provide training to a select number of eligible high-school juniors and seniors. Students are provided the opportunity to participate in classroom instruction onsite during the school day and can complete their behind-the-wheel hours.

Extended School Year

Extended School Year (ESY) is a five-week long summer academic program for students determined eligible in their Individualized Education Program or IEP. ESY is offered to help minimize student regression in academic gains and social-emotional development and strengthen core academic skills. ESY maintains the integrity and supports of the regular school year with a highly structured environment, a low student-to-teacher ratio, and a balanced blend of classroom academics, enrichment programming and recreational activities.

Snoezelen Room

The Snoezelen Room, a multi-sensory environment designed to help people relax, reduce agitation, and increase positive communication has many benefits and is used by all ages and developmental levels. Within Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva, the Snoezelen Room is designed to help our students integrate sensory stimuli, emotionally regulate and increase communication. Students can adjust the room’s varied sensory stimuli (i.e. sound, brightness, color and smell) to a desirable level. In the process of determining the preferred amount of stimulus, the students’ level of arousal is also being regulated. Time in the Snoezelen Room is scheduled by the class or student and is supervised by a classroom staff.

Dance Movement Therapy Group:

In partnership with The Institute for Therapy through the Arts, Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva students have been receiving weekly dance movement therapy in their classrooms.  In addition to their weekly social work group that has more traditional activities, students in these groups are allowed the opportunity to use space and physicality to process emotions.  These groups are designed to help students regulate and tolerate negative feelings that are stored in the body.  Other themes addressed in these groups include: interpersonal relationships, bullying and isolation. 

Chicago Area Alternative Education League - CAAEL:

New this year, Therapeutic Day School & Yeshiva has joined CAAEL, an organization that provides interscholastic activities throughout the year for students who attend a Therapeutic Day School. This semester, students will be participating in: Basketball, Bowling, Chess Leagues and a Spelling Bee. Fall activities include: Touch Football, Volleyball, Soccer and more!  All students (grades 5th and beyond) can be eligible to participate in CAAEL if they complete expected school work and comply with school rules and behavior.