The Knapp School & Yeshiva is committed to creating opportunities for student success.

We offer a dynamic academic and enriching curriculum

  • Foreign language for high-school students (Spanish and, for Yeshiva students, Hebrew)
  • Extensive visual arts program (clay, pottery, charcoal, collage and more)
  • Corrective reading program
  • Resource Room for academic support
  • Physical education program
  • Driver’s education course
  • Extended school year (a summer program that combines educational courses with recreational activities)

Student achievement is measured & documented

  • Cumulative student academic evidence portfolio
  • Midterm, quarterly and semester progress reports and report cards
  • Mid-semester open house and parent-teacher conferences
  • Quarterly clinical reports

When the bar is set high, our students respond

  • Close to 15% of our students re-enter public schools each year (exceeding the CPS benchmark)
  • About half of our high school students hold jobs in our in-school work program
  • Nearly 30% of students are on the academic and attendance Honor Rolls
  • Many students see boosts to their KTEA-II Reading Achievement Test Scores
    • 87% of participating high school students improved total reading comprehension from 2014-15 
    • 95% of participating elementary students improved total reading comprehension from 2014-15