Highlights of the 2019 Parents and Guardians Feedback Survey

Highlights of the 2019 Parents and Guardians Feedback Survey

What do our parents and students have to say about Knapp School and Yeshiva? Here are some highlights...

How has this agency or program changed your life?

  • "The smaller contained classroom size and tailored academic agenda has helped our daughter immensely."
  • "We were afraid of losing our son to his difficulties. We feel like we got him back and more. He's happy and moving ahead with life."
  • "My son was struggling and felt like he could not succeed. After attending the Knapp School, he has made great strides in learning and social skills."
  • "It has provided a safe and encouraging environment for my son to learn and grow."
  • "My son has blossomed tremendously. He is more confident, more comfortable in his unique self. His grades have improved from failing to As, Bs, and Cs. He's able to express himself in a positive and healthy way more often when he is upset and he is supportive, too. He is able to set an example for, and lead, his peers."

What do you like best about our school?

  • "I love how the staff accept each child for who they are, play up their strengths, celebrate their victories and encourage them to try their best. The staff also have great communication and are very creative in their interventions and accommodations for each student."
  • "The staff are very caring, professional, and helpful. They understand autism."
  • "I appreciate the incredibly dedicated staff and location of the school."
  • "Small contained classroom environment as well as the prohibited use of cell phones and personal electronic devices."
  • "Open to diverse students."
  • "The therapy dogs are a good asset to these children."
  • "Caring teachers and social workers."
  • "Small class size."