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Most students do not need to submit an application to the Knapp School & Yeshiva, as they are referred for placement by their home school district after it has been determined in their Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting that a separate day placement is needed due to the child’s academic and social/emotional needs.  However, if parents would like to apply for a private placement in either the secular or Yeshiva program, an application is required.

Our school is accredited by AdvancED and welcomes students of all backgrounds. Staff and students at Knapp School & Yeshiva represent a broad range of diversity. There is a separate Therapeutic Yeshiva for students who want to maintain their Jewish studies in addition to the regular school day.

When students are referred through their home public school district, families do not pay tuition. Instead, the school district pays the tuition as part of your mandated IEP services.  When students are privately placed in our school by their families, then a tuition agreement will be worked out between the school and the family as part of the intake process.

Students are referred to our school by their public home school districts after it has been decided by the IEP team that a separate day placement is needed to meet the child’s educational and social/emotional needs. When our school accepts privately placed students whose families/guardians have determined that a therapeutic placement is the most suitable environment for their child’s academic and social/emotional needs, the Knapp School & Yeshiva team will work with the family to create a Therapeutic Education Plan, similar to an IEP.

The Yeshiva Program maintains collaborative Partnership Arrangements with Jewish day/yeshiva schools.  Under such an arrangement, a student starts the school day at one school and completes it at the other. If a child attends mainstream Jewish day school and experiences serious social or emotional difficulty, the family, child, Jewish day school, and Yeshiva Program might collaborate on crafting a partnership arrangement that could benefit that child.

Students at the Yeshiva Program may take classes at a partnership school (if they are partnership students) or may reintegrate for one or more classes at a Jewish day school, depending on their individualized program.

Your child does have specific rights and we encourage you to be informed.  Visit the Illinois State Board of Education’s website, which offers robust answers to a plethora of questions parents often have about their rights regarding children with special needs.

When it is determined through the IEP or Therapeutic Education Plan (for privately placed students) that a child needs additional support services beyond the therapeutic classroom, our school provides these services.  The related services available to our school include, individual and group social work support, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and transition/vocational support.

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