At HIAS, our long history of dedication and service continues, as we fulfill our mission through the Jewish values Tikkun Olam and Tzedakah (acts of justice and good deeds), and Bruchim Ha'bayim (welcoming the stranger). We offer an array of services to help people from around the world reunite with family members, find stability, and settle in a community with a sense of belonging in their new country.
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“As a resettlement provider there is a list of things we are required to do…but there is so much more that happens in between those essential services.”

Jessica Schaffer Director of HIAS Immigration & Citizenship

HIAS Welcome Campaign

We receive government funds to help refugee families become independent, but there is always a large gap. The HIAS Welcome Campaign ensures that families are provided with the resources and assistance necessary for a safe and successful transition to the United States. Dollars raised are used for direct financial assistance, as well as to support program activities and service coordination.
This includes:
Rent and utility assistance
Transportation assistance
Other basic needs assistance, including clothing and food
Translation and interpretation services
Culturally-appropriate case management services to support acclimation and integration

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