To accomplish our mission, HIAS Immigration & Citizenship is led by an insightful group of community leaders whose vision, passion and tenacity help guide our organization, in tandem with gifted professionals from diverse backgrounds and education.

HIAS Honorary Directors
Albert I. Zemel, Peter B. Sherman, Ralph Ruebner, Randy Felsenthal, Jeffrey Kriezelman, Irena Persky, Azita Mojarad



Adolph Copeland*

Past Presidents

Alfred Decker*

Abraham J. Minkus*

Harry J. Dunn*

A.J. Kickson*

N. D. Leigerfarb, M.D.*

Clemet Shapiro*

Irving S. Abrams*

Joseph J. Karlin*

David White*

Edward A. Addison*

Albert I. Zemel

Arthur H. Barbakoff*

Peter B. Sherman

Corinne Wexler*

Ralph Ruebner

Randy Felsenthal

Jeffrey Kriezelman

Irena Persky

Azita Mojarad