You Are NOT the Worst!

At some point in our parenting careers (especially during the teenage years!), we could all use a safe space to vent, identify our deepest fears, share our burning questions—and discover that we are not alone. You Are NOT the Worst! is a support group for parents and guardians of adolescents. You’ll receive professional support and guidance from our expert staff as you air concerns, discuss current trends, and get tools for connecting with your young adult(s).

Join us in exploring these and other questions:

  • What’s normal adolescent behavior?
  • Why is my child so grumpy and distant?
  • When do I intervene and when do I back off?

You Are NOT the Worst! meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm. Each support session is 6 weeks long.
Price: $150 per six-week session; sliding fee available.

You Are NOT the Worst!

To learn more about the group, please contact:

Liz Ellis

Send a request to join a session.