What is WEXi?

WEXi (The Wellness and Expressive Arts Initiative) is an opportunity for young people to regain a sense of resilience, community, and meaning by engaging in a variety of group activities that promote wellness.

WEXi will offer a calendar full of after-school and Sunday activities where young people can join with others to relax, have fun, be social, and express themselves – an important outlet to deal with feelings, be authentic and to feel seen.

Activities will include informal drop-in opportunities, one-time activities, and short-term groups.

Why WEXi?

Trauma is not just a psychological experience; it is a mind-body experience tied to neurobiology. Wellness modalities and expressive arts are best practices to address traumatic stress. The goal is to facilitate a sense of safety, enhance resiliency, help individuals recover a sense of well-being, and connect individuals through community when practiced in groups.