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Are you searching for a place to express yourself, make new friends, and grow? Come give WEXi a try! Designed with teens like you in mind, WEXi has something for everyone.

WEXi is:
A place for connection, expression, and renewal
A place to make art, friends, connections, and meaning
A place to unwind, reset, explore, and try new things

Art & Writing

Creating Edible Art: Mindful Cake Decorating for Artistic Expression
In this workshop, participants will engage in group discussion about the various benefits of cooking and baking, brainstorm ideas for how to mindfully cook and bake for artistic expression and learn a variety of beginner techniques for decorating cakes. Participants will create and execute their own individual cake design, and experiment with describing their artistic style through verbal artist statements. This group will meet on June 1 at 4pm. More info here or Register today!

Body & Movement

Weekly Rest & Reset
Join this drop-in class dedicated to connecting with participants, gentle movements, and rest. This workshop is open to all and will be accessible for all bodies while meeting on Sunday, May 29, July 10, July 24, and July 31, 11:00am-12:00pm. More info here!

Mind & Spirit

Stress Management and Self-Care Series
This workshop series will focus on the relationship between stress and thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. There will be opportunities to connect and share with other teens through discussion and hands-on experiences. Teens who participate in this series will learn strategies to cope with stress and develop plans to incorporate self-care into their daily lives.

This series will meet on June 5, 12 and 19 at 1pm at 5140 Golf Road in Skokie. More info here or Register Today!

Movies & Games

- There are currently no Movies & Games workshops scheduled. Please check back soon for new offerings!

Music & Sound

- There are currently no Music & Sound workshops scheduled. Please check back soon for new offerings!