Opportunity: JVS Chicago Seeks Social Enterprise Partner

A force for social justice, JVS Chicago is a 501C(3) non-profit serving more than 5,000 employees, employers and entrepreneurs annually with programs for adults, youth and people with disabilities.

The Opportunity: JVS Chicago is looking to partner with a strategically aligned organization to develop a social enterprise that serves the Jewish community and provides employment and training for 20-25 persons with disabilities. This private-nonprofit partnership model of social enterprise will be a mutually beneficial business partnership or joint venture between a for-profit company and a nonprofit organization (JVS Chicago). The partnership may occur with an existing business, or may result in the creation of a new entity or profit center. The new social enterprise will offer a market-tested product or service and be mission-aligned with JVS Chicago, leveraging the agency’s assets, relationships with its target population, community, brand and expertise.

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