Abuse Prevention and Education

Violence Prevention


JCARES offers education and resources to increase awareness, expand understanding and ensure a culturally sensitive, coordinated response to abuse in Jewish homes and families. A catalyst for social justice and institutional change, JCARES is committed to inspiring collaborative action focused on abuse across the lifespan - from keeping children safe to the well-being of elders. 
Programs and initiatives include:

JCARES Coalition

JCARES efforts are envisioned and guided by a 50+ member coalition that includes representation from Jewish and secular social service, mental health, domestic violence and sexual assault agencies; synagogues; funders; governmental and municipality entities; as well as advocates and community leaders and stakeholders. The Coalition is a synergist for new and strengthened partnerships and collaborative action.

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Professional Training Institute
JCARES’ Professional Training Institute offers education sessions for professionals, advocates and lay leaders across disciplines – domestic violence, mental health and social services; health care; law enforcement and courts; government and municipalities.  Sessions are designed to provide participants with knowledge, tools, and strategies to become more effective and sensitive responders to and advocates for abuse victims and their families.
A Training For Professionals
January 31, 2017
Tuesday, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sexual abuse and sexual assault often have a profound impact on the sexuality of survivors and of their partners. Many survivors find healing through therapy and other means, yet challenging relationships with sex often go unaddressed. Bringing together elements from the fields of sex therapy and trauma treatment, we will look at how PTSD may show up in sexual relationships and support clinicians to directly address these sexual impacts. The training will also include: preparing the client to work on sexual issues, applicable principles from trauma treatment, a focused, three-tier assessment and intervention concepts and tools.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to describe multiple ways trauma and PTSD can specifically manifest in sex and sexual relationships.
  • Participants will be able to articulate and apply three tiers of assessment relevant to working with survivors around sexual issues.
  • Participants will be able to describe multiple strategies for intervention for sexual challenges of abuse survivors.


Partnership for Safer Communities
JCARES’ Partnership for Safer Communities provides programming, consultation and support for schools, synagogues/shuls, camps and other institutions and institutional leaders.  Safer Partnership programs engage lay and professional staff - rabbis, synagogue and camp administrators, educators, parents and students – in learning and discussion about the impact of abuse across the lifespan, improving access to support for those experiencing abusive situations, and coordinated community strategies that perpetuate healthy, peaceful homes, families and relationships.   Safer Communities supports institutions in their efforts to develop individualized protocols and policies that ensure sustainable safe environments into the future.


Project Shield
Project Shield works in partnership with the community to build safe, healthy Jewish relationships and families by heightening awareness and providing education about child sexual abuse. 


Support & Funding
JCARES is supported by the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, the Michael Reese Health Trust and other generous donors. Jewish Child & Family Services is a partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community.

Amy Rubin, JCFS Senior Director of Community Services
(amyrubin@jcfs.org 847.745.5432)
Betsy Lazerow, JCARES Coordinator
(betsylazerow@jcfs.org 847.745.5430)  
Dawn Levin, Safer Communities Coordinator                                          (dawnlevin@jcfs.org 847.745.5450)
Rachel Zimmerman, Abuse Prevention & Intervention Education Coordinator 
(rachelzimmerman@jcfs.org 847.745.5405)