Here I Am: A Glimpse Into Our Hinaynee Summer Group For Children

For seven weeks during the summer, we take our Hinaynee Groups outdoors, asking children what it feels like to sit in the grass, reflecting on the tastes of fresh fruits, and setting the stage for a turn inwards towards creativity, connectedness, and calm. Pausing in this way can prove quite difficult. Children, like adults, are not immune to the rush and strain of a busy mind in a busy world.

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JCFS Statement on Separation of Families at U.S. Border

We at JCFS cannot overstate our absolute condemnation of this practice. We are calling for confirmation that the cessation of any further separation is in place unconditionally, and for the immediate reunification of all children who have already been separated.

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Talking to Your Child About Body Safety

Warm temperatures and bright sunshine remind us that summer has arrived. With summer comes fun and relaxation and, often, more unstructured time. It’s important for parents to remind children about how to keep their bodies safe and ways of avoiding unhealthy interactions. Having these kinds of conversations help foster strong, open relationships with children that can last a lifetime.

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