Addiction and Substance Abuse Resources for the Jewish Community

Learn about addiction, find resources to help and connect with the Jewish Recovery community.


Addiction is a Jewish Issue

There is a pervasive myth that Jews do not engage in addictive behavior.  Unfortunately, the Jewish community is strongly impacted by alcohol and other drug abuse and addiction.  No one is immune, from the least involved to the most religious among us.  The myth that Jews are somehow protected from addiction only reinforces shame and isolation and can inhibit Jews from seeking the help they need.


The Jewish Center for Addiction: Prevention, Help and Hope was created to assist those in the path of addiction’s immediate trauma and to help build caring communities that are aware of and responsive to the problem of addiction.   Our efforts combat denial and stigma, helping Jewish community members across all denominations understand that addiction is a disease that impacts our community and a disease that can be treated.


The goal of the Jewish Center for Addiction is to ensure that Jewish individuals and their families who are impacted by substance abuse are empowered to seek help.  We strive to open multiple avenues of access within and outside the Jewish community.  Across all efforts, members of the Jewish recovery community are meaningfully engaged as partners.


Programs offered by the Jewish Center for Addiction address specific needs of Chicago’s Jewish community and reflect best practices from across the country. Many tools may be required to find healing and wholeness; to this end, the Jewish Center for Addiction offers the following services:


Community Awareness

Sobriety Support

Spiritual Programs

Professional Training


If you or a loved one has a problem with alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behavior, we are here to help.  If you are seeking an educational presentation or professional consultation for yourself or your organization, we are happy to assist you.  For more information, please email, or call 847.745.5422.


The Jewish Center for Addiction at JCFS is made possible by a generous grant from the JF/JUF Fund for Innovation in Health funded by the Michael Reese Health Trust.