We’re All in This Together: The Cost and Benefits of Rewards

As the holidays approach, we sometimes equate the value of a gift with the level of love and caring we have for a particular person, or as a symbol of the gifts of the Magi during Christmas or the gifts to commemorate the miracle of the oil lamps during Hanukah. In a larger context, it is important for parents and caregivers to understand the real meaning, cost and benefits of giving rewards to children and youth in care.

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Winter Sensory Challenges

With winter upon us, it's time for snowy day activities, holiday traditions, breaks from school and family visits. But, when your child has a sensory processing disorder it can be challenging to enjoy family traditions and special occasions together. Here are some suggestions to keep your child comfortable, safe and having fun this winter!

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We're All in This Together: Making Effective Requests Without Creating A Power Struggle

Teaching your child how to cooperate may mean making some changes in how you ask her to do things. She can't be expected to cooperate if she doesn't know exactly what you want. Sometimes parents complicate things by getting too worked up when asking for help. At other times, requests are too vague or confusing. Keep it simple.  Here are four steps to making an effective request.

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