Jewish Adoption Support/Project Esther

Project Esther creates a support network helping families to enhance and strengthen the creation of a family through adoption.

Adoption Resources for Families

You may be beginning your family or thinking about expanding the one you have.  You may live alone, with your partner or with your spouse.  You may be contemplating adoption, well on your way to adopting a child or already an adoptive family.  Whatever stage you are in, if adoption is on your mind, then Project Esther:  The Chicago Jewish Adoption Network  is at your fingertips, ready to help.


Celebrating adoption in the Jewish community, Project Esther: supports, strengthens, educates and connects diverse Jewish adoptive and prospective adoptive families.   Recognizing that there is no one definition for the modern family, Project Esther offers a range of services and programs for adoptive and prospective adoptive families, couples and individuals. Our adoption services include: 

Adoption Resources and Services

Project Esther helps families navigate the complexities of the adoption process. We offer consultation about the pathways to adoption and the adoption process. While we do not place children for adoption, our extensive knowledge of adoption placement agencies, lawyers, physicians and rabbis allow centralized access to resources.  We are also an adoption resource to birth parents and adult adoptees.


Support Groups and Networking for Parents and Children

Support groups respond to the unique experiences of Jewish adoptive and prospective adoptive families across the lifespan. We also bring families together socially at our Chanukah Party, our summer picnic, and other events produced in collaboration with Stars of David and the Jewish community. These events allow families to have fun and connect with one another.

Educational Seminars and Workshops

From pre-adoption education to sessions on raising Jewish children, our seminars and workshops address the unique issues facing Jewish families built through adoption.

Community Outreach and Education

Our programs promote and celebrate the diversity of Jewish families built through adoption. Whether a school needs consultation on adoption issues, a professional needs assistance to respond to a family’s request for adoption resources or a synagogue needs ideas to integrate diverse Jewish families into its congregation, we are available to provide guidance.

Post-Adoption Services

Our qualified staff members handle a array of post-adoption requests, including search and reunion services.

Individual and Family Consulting and Counseling

Recognizing that the adoptive process can be challenging on many different levels, we provide consultation and referrals for counseling.


Every family that works with Project Esther: The Chicago Jewish Adoption Network has client rights and responsibilities.  You also are welcome to view our annual report for Illinois Licensed Adoption Agencies, or review the Adoption Services Client Complaint Procedures.




Get Help

For additional assistance, contact Marsha Raynes, LCSW, Director of Project Esther, at 847.745.5408 or email