Joel's Story

Joel was an alcoholic – a Jewish alcoholic. His addiction impacted his family, his relationships in the community and his spirituality. At the time, many rabbis didn’t understand how to help a congregant who turned to them when dealing with addiction. Knowing that he had to seek recovery, Joel connected with a 12-step program at a local church and has been clean and sober ever since. Today, Joel is a certified substance abuse counselor and uses tools from JCFS’ Jewish Center for Addiction (JCA) to integrate Jewish practices, prayers and the Torah to guide others in the recovery process.

Did You Know?


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For some children, new backpacks, basic school supplies, are an uncertainty. Children growing up in the state’s child welfare system such as foster care or group homes, families with a child with a disability who face overwhelming medical bills, families who live with poverty…for these children and families starting the school year on the right foot may be out of reach.


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