Board & Leadership

To accomplish our mission, JCFS is led by an insightful group of community leaders whose vision, passion and tenacity help guide our organization, in tandem with gifted professionals from diverse backgrounds and education.

The 2016-2017 Board of Directors

  • Chairman Milton Zimmerman
  • Vice Chair Toby Bernstein
  • Vice Chair Linda Kellough
  • Vice Chair Karen Levine
  • Vice Chair Neil Posner
  • Secretary Susan Schulman
  • Treasurer Alan Alport
  • At-large Executive Committee Member Jennifer Lucas
  • At-large Executive Committee Member Mitchell Kaufman
  • At-large Executive Committee Member Andrew Poticha
  • Immediate Past Chairman Daniel J. Wander

Board Members

Stephen R. Ballis, Jane Best, John Daniels, Susan Duman, Robert Ferencz, Benn Feltheimer, Stanley Friedell, MD, Marci Friedman, Barbara J. Gaffen, Thomas Giller, Patricia N. Gillman, Martha Glass, Andrew M. Glick, Rabbi Edwin Goldberg, Cheri Grossman, Denise Hoeflich, Harry Huzenis, Marc Jacobs, Rabbi Yehiel Mark Kalish, Lisa Lavin, Julia Levine, Mark S. Levy, Gayle Miller, Sharona G. Palmer, Marcie Pickard, Rabbi Elisha M. Prero, Laurie Price, Melissa Pryor, Benjamin Riback, Vicki Sinar, Abby Strauss, Jane Strauss, Howard S. Suskin, Jeanette Zemsky

Honorary Board Members

Pamela K. Adelman, Stephen R. Ballis, David Bardach, Patricia Cantor, Jules Cogan, John C. Colman, Robert Don, Judith Feldman, June S. Finder, Marvin Fitch, Bruce Goldman, Marla Gordon, Alan S. Gratch, Ted R. Jadwin, James B. Klutznick, Thomas Korman, Elliot Lehman, H. Debra Levin, Leonard Levine, Fran Levy, Mark Levy, Stanley L. Pollock, Stephen L. Schar, Midge P. Shafton, Mildred Shlensky Kaufmann*, David Smerling, Andi Srulovitz, Jeffrey E. Stone, Sherwin J. Stone*, Don C. Trossman, Daniel J. Wander, Marc R. Wilkow, Gregg F. Witt, Brenda J. Wolf

*Of blessed memory

JCFS Staff Leadership

The professionals at JCFS possess diverse backgrounds and education, bring a myriad set of skills and interests to their roles, and are located across 10 JCFS offices. Our employees are Social Workers, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Special Educators, Speech, Occupational and Developmental Therapists, Early Childhood Educators, Infant Mental Health Specialists, Lawyers who specialize in Special Education Advocacy, Pediatric Nurses, Vocational/Life Skills Counselors and more. Behind the scenes, finance, human resources, administration and other staff round out our team. Yet, for all these differences, they share a single, common goal: To deliver JCFS services and programs to thousands of adults, children, families, students and volunteers from throughout the community.