As part of our belief in providing students a well-rounded education, the school offers an extensive weekly Visual Arts program in the school’s Art Studio. Students participate in various hands-on projects including clay, pottery, charcoal, collage, jewelry-making and more. Twice during the school year students can opt to select pieces of their artwork to sell at the school’s Student Art Sale.

OwlPainting-YoniF.jpg  OwlPainting-RusselH.jpg  OwlPainting-RichardB.jpg

OwlPainting-KevinM.jpg  OwlPainting-JustynD.jpg  OwlPainting-JosiahR.jpg

OwlPainting-JaleelM.jpg  OwlPainting-ChloeL.jpg  OwlPainting-AviT.jpg