Clubs & Activities


Our students participate in several extracurricular activities, including sports, leadership development and more.

In addition to providing unstructured time for having fun, students develop leadership skills when they:

  • Gather and write stories for the literary magazine, The Mag
  • Serve on planning committees for the prom or an annual talent show
  • Participate in CAAEL intramural sports and tournaments including Chess Club and Spelling Bees
  • Lead student-organized fundraisers
  • Join the student council
  • Plant and help cultivate the JCFS Chicago Knapp School & Yeshiva garden or
  • Sell their art twice a year 

Our student council includes students at the elementary level through high school. Monthly meetings, facilitated by dedicated staff, give students time and opportunity to discuss ways to to encourage student involvement and improve the school academically, socially and environmentally. In addition, student council promotes school spirit by sponsoring Spirit Days and coordinates school-wide service learning projects.