Sexual Health Services

Effective November 12, 2018 the Response for Teens will no longer be providing medical services to our Center for Sexual Health clients.  We will continue to offer sexuality education, support, and counseling, and can provide consultations to teens and parents/guardians.  Youth and adults can receive education, resources, and referrals related to anatomy, STIs, methods of protection, and healthy relationships and life choices.

If you are a current client, we can continue to provide your birth control until December 31, 2018.   We can also help you find a new medical provider, give you copies of your medical records, and provide sexual health education and counseling.


JCFS Chicago and Response for Teens is committed to providing sexual health services to teens and young adults.  Please visit our website for new information about our services.


Consultations are available for teens and their parents/guardians. Youths and adults alike will receive education and resources related to:

  • Anatomy
  • Sexually-transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Methods of protection
  • Healthy relationships and healthy life choices