Legal Advocacy Center

Every child needs a parent to advocate for their rights and opportunities to learn.

Some children may also need a legal advocate to help ensure their access to education and other protected rights. If you are the parent of a child with special needs, including an Individual Education Plan or 504 plan, who is not satisfied with the services being provided to your student, then JCFS Chicago Legal Advocacy Center may be a resource for you.

Legal Advocacy Center is a program of JCFS Chicago. We offer special education legal representation, consultation, information and referral services to individuals with disabilities and their families.

Our Services

Specifically, we provide consultation, information, referrals and legal representation in special education law, mental health and developmental disabilities law, and adult guardianship law.

Legal Advocacy Center also provides training, consultations, information and referrals to the social services staff of Jewish Federation agencies and to other agencies as well.

Helping Schools Meet their Obligations to Children

Federal and state laws require school districts to provide an education for every child—whether in the public school or in a therapeutic setting. Occasionally, parents find it difficult to obtain appropriate educational services for their child with special needs. 

Legal Advocacy Center attorneys are committed to ensuring that each child receives the services he or she needs to learn, whether those services are accommodations for extra time during tests, a reading coach, or a referral to a therapeutic program.

Speakers’ Bureau Shares Information with other Advocates

Attorneys from Legal Advocacy Center also are available to address social service providers, family and client groups and persons with disabilities on special education law. Attorneys can provide consultations, information and referrals by phone.

For more information, call 855.275.5237