Jill's Pharm Tech Story

Prior to enrollment in the JVS Pharmacy Technician Training program, Jill was working as a housekeeper in a local hospital. Significant health issues kept Jill from her job and after she recovered she was emotionally unable to return to work in a hospital environment.

Jill was still interested in a career pathway in allied health and was determined to find a training program that would help her meet her employment goals. She researched her options and decided on Pharmacy Tech. Jill began the JVS Pharmacy Technician Training program, but missed a couple of classes for family issues. As she explained it, she was the only person in her family with a car and was expected to drive everyone in her extended family to work and appointments, which meant missed classes and little time to work or study. Since her Pharm Tech training was important to her, she decided to move out of her mother’s house. The JVS Career & Employment case manager working with Jill learned she was living in her car and experiencing increased anxiety because of her situation. The JVS Career & Employment case manager connected her to our financial assistance program where counselors were able to stabilize her situation. She insisted that she did not need housing assistance, but did need a gas card to help with transportation. Jill was also connected to a mental health counselor who was able to provide support for her anxiety and family concerns while she worked to complete her Pharm Tech training. Jill eventually moved back in with her mother, made up her missed work and successfully completed the JVS Pharmacy Technician Training Program. Four days after graduation, Jill began working as a pharmacy technician for a local long-term care facility. She reports that she is very happy in her job and on her way toward independence.