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Contextual Trauma Therapy for Complex PTSD

Contextual Trauma Therapy (CTT) is a form of therapy specifically developed to treat Complex PTSD (C-PTSD). Unlike other approaches to trauma treatment, the CTT model is not grounded in specific, predetermined interventions, but rather is guided by a conceptual model consistent with research on the nature of C-PTSD that has emerged in recent years. At the core of this conceptual framework is the principle that C-PTSD is comprised of two distinct sets of difficulties attributable to two divergent forces in childhood: the presence of damaging occurrences (prolonged or recurrent abuse trauma), and the absence of adequate favorable conditions (developmental deprivation). Recent research findings on Complex PTSD are consistent with this conceptual framework. This virtual presentation costs $45 to attend.

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This presentation will include:

1) an overview of the CTT conceptual model and the research that supports it
2) a brief description of how the model in implemented in psychotherapy
3) a video of a therapy session that illustrates many of the principles of CTT
4) discussion of the conceptual model, its implementation, and the video of the illustrative therapy session.

Learning Objectives: Attendees will be able to
1) Identify the two major sources of difficulty experienced by survivors of complex trauma.
2) Describe the two main components of the Complex PTSD diagnosis and how each of them is related to the two major sources of difficulty in the disorder.
3) Summarize the three spheres of treatment in CTT.
4) Name one specific intervention strategy employed in each of the three spheres of treatment in CTT.

Sarah Piggott

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