The Duman Employment Center advises clients in many areas including management, finance, and marketing. We assist new entrepreneurs with business plan development and market feasibility, often acting as a first stop for people looking to start a new career or open a new business concept. Our staff works with clients in the Chicago metro area providing a one-to-one business resource for all entrepreneurs.

Business Planning

Business analysts at The Duman Employment Center work with entrepreneurs to develop comprehensive business plans for all types of organizations.

Operations & Management

The Duman Employment Center provides guidance on improving your operational workflows. We help businesses better manage their current operations to work more efficiently and effectively.


Our business analysts at the Duman Employment Center provide marketing help for companies at all stages of business. We will help you find the most effective marketing tools that fit your business.


The Duman Employment Center provides financial assistance with cash flow projections and other business financial planning tools as well as guidance through the loan application process.


Give us a call at 855.INFO.JVS (855.463.6587) today to set up an appointment with a Duman advisor, who can help determine if a small business loan is right for you.