How Your Gift Helps


Your Gift of $500

  • pays for a young child with autism in our Integrated Pediatric Therapies program to attend a Developmental Play Group
  • provides ongoing guidance to a congregation participating in the Safer Synagogues program, building our community's awareness of and ability to respond to family violence.
  • covers supply costs for an art psychotherapy group for school-aged children who have difficulty in a typical classroom setting.
  • pays for four counseling sessions at Response for Teens for an at-risk teen.
  • helps provide vocational training for a teen preparing for independent living.
  • pays for a child with special needs to learn the skills to make and nurture friendships through a peer support group

Your Gift of $250

  • covers the cost of two weeks of counseling for an adult struggling with depression.
  • provides a month of counseling for a student in our Therapeutic Yeshiva program.
  • funds a workshop for parents that address the building a family through adoption, provided by adoption and infertility support.
  • brings a child in Foster Care the joy of attending summer camp.
  • allows a JCFS Chicago research specialist to mine the field for best practices in youth substance abuse prevention.

Your Gift of $100

  • provides financial counseling to help a family meet basic needs such as food and housing.
  • allows one child to attend one day at the Therapeutic Preschool.
  • allows a family to participate in an afternoon of Sunday Respite, providing a much needed break for parents caring for a child with a disability.
  • allows a parent who has lost a child to attend a bereavement group at our illness, loss and spiritual support.
  • provides training for early childhood educators in the Virginia Frank Child Development Center's phase model curriculum, which provides teachers with tools for addressing the needs of children with special needs.
  • pays for 30 middle school students to participate in an anti-bullying presentation with Response for Teens' Outreach team.

Your Gift of $50

  • provides a needy child with a special holiday gift
  • sponsors incentives for students to achieve their academic and behavioral goals.
  • supports our Coffee and Conversation Group, a chance for Holocaust Survivors to discuss current events, family celebrations and the challenges of aging.
  • covers the costs of materials for Sibshops, offering siblings of children with disabilities a chance to meet one another in a relaxed setting.
  • allows a foster parent to attend an evening of training on how to effectively care for a child with special emotional needs.