July 1, 2021

With the State of Illinois in Phase 5, JCFS Chicago will be fully open and resume normal operations on July 1. As we emerge from the stringent pandemic guidelines, we will maintain several safety precautions for the foreseeable future and continue to follow federal and local guidelines to protect everyone.  

Some JCFS services are delivered in what is considered a healthcare setting per Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and are required to adhere to stricter safety protocols. Further, there are multiple services at our facilities, some serving children and at-risk individuals who can’t be vaccinated at this time. Therefore, we require everyone, no matter their vaccination status, to wear a face mask when entering the building and when in public areasPublic areas are considered lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways, and multi-person restrooms. We will continue with our current cleaning practices and hand sanitizer will be readily available in all locations.   

At this time, we are not requiring visitors to provide proof of vaccination and are operating on the honor system. We assume anyone is vaccinated if they remove their mask in private spaces when all parties agree.   

There has been a lot of information and change the past few weeks, so we want to thank everyone in advance as we implement these new guidelines. While it looks like we are getting back to business as usual, we will continue to err on the side of caution when necessary. We are grateful for your patience and support during this next phase. For timely information about JCFS services, visit or call 855.275.5237.