School During COVID-19

School During COVID-19

Students of all ages are returning to school this month, prompting questions, concerns and hopes for the upcoming semester. JCFS Chicago's therapists and social workers have curated tips and resources in the blogs below to help students and their families with this transition.

The Scariest Three Words “Back to School” has always been met with a bit of ambivalence, especially from our young people. This fall “back to school” has a whole new meaning. 

Preparing Your Child for the First Day of School Many students are returning to school this month and may feel a mixture of nervousness and excitement. While back to school season comes with familiarity, this year will certainly be a different experience.

Setting Your Kindergartener Up for Success Whether joining online, in person, or a hybrid, our kids are going back to school in the fall, and it will look remarkably different from past first days of school. Read more for tips to set your kindergartener up for success. 

College During COVID Whether you are starting your college career or returning to campus, the prospect of what’s next is daunting. As you think about your life in the fall semester, here are some tips to help you manage the uncertainty of going back to college.

Ways to Entertain, Educate & Stimulate Your Child at Home Hands-on experiences that allow toddlers and older children to safely imitate the world around them are some of the best learning moments. The following activities let a child take pride in being the helper, while promoting brain growth and development.

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