Alec's Camp Firefly Story

Camp Firefly: Alec's Story

Friends of Camp Firefly recently hosted the 8th Annual Give for the Glow at the Chicago Athletic Association. The event raised funds to provide scholarships for campers in need of financial assistance and featured raffle prizes, a silent auction, caricatures and a performance by the band The Naturals, two members of which are on the autism spectrum and met while in music therapy.

The highlight of the evening was hearing parents of a long-time camper speak about their family’s experience with Camp Firefly. Alec, one of our Next Step campers, also shared his story of participating in Camp Firefly for 11 years. We hope you enjoy reading his story as much as we have enjoyed watching him grow and develop incredible leadership skills!

My name is Alec. I'm from Hainesville, IL. I work hard and I enjoy having fun. I want to say thanks to Camp Firefly and the decade that I’ve been going there.

Camp Firefly is important to me because it has helped me to learn to love family and especially technology while I’m far away from camp. I’ve learned to become more independent and a hard worker. I’ve also made so many new friends and learned how to become a good friend because of camp.

In the future, I hope Camp Firefly can help many more kids and teens. It helps youths become more independent, hardworking, and friendly individuals. Also, it allows them to be brave and try new things and have a fun time doing it. I want to share with you some of the fun things I have done. I liked going to Milwaukee for a baseball game and going to a game center and spending the night with other campers. Dancing and karaoke were a plus, too!

So, I want you to know that Camp Firefly is a worthwhile place for your kids to become good individuals. Sometimes it’s hard being at camp, but I know it’s worth it because of the fun, the people, and the camp itself. Your kids will become wiser and happier from this experience. I assure you that Camp Firefly will really put a “spark” in your kids’ lives. Thank you!