Therapeutic Preschool

Therapeutic Pre-School
Our Therapeutic Nursery is a small, structured, language-enriched program for children with special needs.

Early childhood programs today know that children begin learning as soon as they are born, and parents and teachers are partners in introducing key lessons to even the youngest of students.


For children who need special help learning, the JCFS Therapeutic Nursery and Kindergarten program is an amazing resource.   Five days a week, 11 months a year, the Therapeutic Nursery and Kindergarten offers a small, structured, language-enriched program that provides children who are unsuccessful in traditional early educational programs the opportunity to succeed. The program emphasizes a warm and caring environment that helps children develop socially, emotionally and cognitively toward their potential.


The JCFS Therapeutic Preschool is a Virginia Frank Child Development Center program, and receives referrals from schools, hospitals and other social service agencies around the Chicago area.


Get help. 

Email if you’d like information about enrolling your child in our Therapeutic Nursery and Kindergarten, or call toll-free, 855.ASK.JCFS (855.275.5237).


To learn more about our therapeutic nursery, watch our video.