Jewish Child & Family Services

Meet the JCFS Associates Board

JCFS is proud to present our new Associates Board, a group of dedicated and energized young professionals who will help promote and support the good work of JCFS through advocacy, leadership development, fundraising, volunteerism and more.

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JCFS Statement on Separation of Families at U.S. Border

We at JCFS cannot overstate our absolute condemnation of this practice. We are calling for confirmation that the cessation of any further separation is in place unconditionally, and for the immediate reunification of all children who have already been separated.

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We Have Their Backs

Dear Community Members, my bat mitzvah is in May and as a mitzvah, or service, project I’ve chosen to partner with Jewish Child & Family Services (JCFS) to help supply all kinds of kids in need with backpacks and school supplies.

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The Outgoing Sibling

Helping the World See My Sister the Way I See Her

By Renee Birnberg Silberman

My sister is the most emotionally intelligent person I know. Our mother liked to tell me Estella was so smart, but I brushed her statements aside for most of my young and young adult life. After all, she had been tested as having lower than average intelligence, and the doctors told my parents (over half a century ago) that the best place for her to grow up was in a nun-run facility in Wisconsin.

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Parenting is a Journey, Don't Take It Alone

“Parenting is a Journey, Don’t Take it Alone” is the theme that runs through the programming  Jewish Child & Family Services offers for parents.  Travelers always take certain things with them – smart phones, identification, fuel, food, directions - so that their trips can be smooth.  What crucial items do parents need to have on their journeys?  The concepts in this article can be helpful for all parents regardless of the age of their children or the issue at hand.

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