Sexual Health Services

Our Center for Sexual Health provides comprehensive, confidential sexual health care services to individuals ages 12–24. We offer annual memberships as well as consultations on an as-needed basis.

To learn more about the Center for Sexual Health, sign up for membership, or to schedule appointments or consultations, please call 847.676.0078 or email

Membership Services

An annual membership to the Center for Sexual health includes an annual exam and a six-month follow up exam. It also includes:

STI Testing and Treatment: If needed, sexually-transmitted infection (STI) testing is offered at the time of a first appointment. Chlamydia and gonorrhea screens are offered through a urine test; syphilis and HIV testing are offered through a blood test. Other STI testing is available if symptoms are present.

Additional chlamydia and gonorrhea screens are offered at the six-month appointment, as are treatments for clients and their partners. Additional testing throughout the year is also available for a nominal added fee.

Birth Control: Free condoms are offered for members of the Center for Sexual Health program. We also offer the birth control pill, NuvaRing, or Depo-Provera shot for an additional nominal monthly fee.

Additional Membership Services:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Options counseling
  • Emergency contraception
  • Gynecological services (including pap smears for individuals over 21)
  • Education and support around sexual health


Consultations are available for teens and their parents/guardians. Youths and adults alike will receive education and resources related to:

  • Anatomy
  • Sexually-transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Methods of protection
  • Healthy relationships and healthy life choices

Appointment Information

At the time of the first appointment, Center members can be tested for STIs (if needed) and other minor infections such as yeast and urinary tract infections. They can also begin birth control.

Initial appointments can be a little lengthier than others, due to the intake process, which includes signing consent forms, completing a brief assessment, and meeting with a medical provider and counselor.

Please note: Walk-in services are reserved for condom pick-up only. The Center for Sexual Health staff encourage you to make an appointment prior to coming in, as we cannot assure appointments for walk-ins.

Know Your Rights

Your visits to the Center for Sexual Health are completely confidential. Parental consent is not legally required. Want to learn more? This Fact Sheet details Illinois’ confidentiality and consent laws, with special emphasis on adolescent health issues.


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