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Group Firefly: Social Thinking(R) for Children on the Autism Spectrum

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We’ve all seen interviews with award-winning actors who describe themselves as shy children and confide that even now, as adults, they feel uncomfortable in social situations all while entertaining millions through their work.  Closer to home, we’ve all had an experience where we have entered a room filled with strangers and struggled to break the ice and make small talk.  What’s at play in these situations:  The cloak of shyness or simply a healthy lacking of social skills?


You may see these traits in your child and wonder when is shyness simply a case of “being shy” or at what stage does shyness become more debilitating and stifling.  At what stage does it become a diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder?  If you’re a parent who watches their child play alone, notices he or she observes but doesn’t interact with classmates, or lacks appropriate behavior in a social setting, JCFS may be able to point you in the right direction. 


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