Pre-Marital Counseling

Chuppah Project Jewish Pre-Marital Counseling
Pre-marital counseling lays the groundwork for lifetimes of happiness.

Marriage Preparation and the Chuppah Project 

The food, the flowers, the music…check!  The discussion about how expenses will be handled, holidays celebrated, or career changes considered…very often NOT checked.


As the happiest of couples will tell you, planning a wedding is not the same as planning a marriage – in fact, it’s practically the opposite. Couples spend months planning a one-day event, but too often spend just hours discussing a partnership of a lifetime.


Fortunately, through JCFS pre-marital counseling and the Chuppah Project, couples can learn skills, perform exercises and learn new ways of thinking that can lay the groundwork for lifetimes of happiness.


Marriage Preparation 

Through the JCFS Marriage Preparation program, couples meet with a specially trained counselor and learn a range of skills to use throughout their lives. Bride and Groom will complete on-line assessments, identify their unique strengths and challenges, and meet with their counselor for up to eight sessions.  Most importantly, couples can address their unique challenges, which can include: 

  • Communicating effectively
  • Problem solving as a couple
  • Managing conflict without damaging connection
  • Preserving and enhancing their commitment and friendship 

Chuppah Project

The Chuppah Project brings together Jewish couples for a day of learning, led by trained counselors to gain skills preparing them for the rest of their lives. Each couple benefits from meeting other couples with similar issues to discuss: 

  • Expectations of their marriages
  • The families they came from and the families they are forming
  • Building a Jewish home together
  • Communication and decision making
  • Conflict resolution

For more information on pre-marital counseling and the Chuppah Project, contact Rosalie Greenberger at 224.625.2819, or email to