Infant Mental Health

Infant Mental Health
Early intervention with infants and their families promotes health relationships and better outcomes for the child.

Infant mental health services are provided by JCFS Integrated Therapeutic Interventions program, at the Virginia Frank Child Development Center and across our counseling centers.


Integrated Pediatric Interventions Program

Integrated Pediatric Interventions, a program of the Glick Center for Early Childhood Services, provides children, ages birth to nine, with comprehensive, individualized treatment and parents with the assurance that their child is getting outstanding care. Our team provides parents with a treatment plan to best address their child’s diagnosis and unique developmental needs. With a keen attention to detail, we carefully study the way children eat, utter their words and grasp at toys.


Our multi-disciplinary team understands the essential role that the family plays in the development of their child. That’s why many of our efforts focus on helping parents understand their child’s diagnosis and empowers them to teach their child at home.


Virginia Frank Child Development Center

In addition, the Virginia Frank Child Development Center, a nationally recognized pioneer in the field of family-centered child development. The Center is a program of the Glick Center for Early Childhood Services, and offers a continuum of caring, preventative and therapeutic services for children ages birth to six years.


The Center’s programs prevent the long-term consequences of developmental delays, depression, socialization and behavior issues, and includes a Therapeutic Nursery and Kindergarten.


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